Pizzeria and Restaurant Marketing Company
Over the last 10 years, the use of scratch off cards has been steadily increasing. Their continued popularity maybe partly due to a nation wide phenomenon known as “Lotto Fever.” The average rate of return for the instant winners can be as high as 50%. No one throws out a winner.

Consumers will interact with a scratch off game card much longer then any other promotional card. Scratch off cards create a competitive advantage for your restaurant. Scratch off cards increase foot traffic, impulse purchasing and brand recognition.

“The PizzaMaker” scratch off game has been increasing sales for many pizza shops across the country. Customers love to scratch and win.

This game has two interesting chances to win. First, A FREE PIZZA is won by collecting one “cheese” card, one “sauce” card , and one “dough” card. Customers must save and collect all three cards to win. By saving the cards, the customer is also saving your pizza shop name and phone number.

The second part of this game gives customers a chance to win instantly. When discounts, toppings or soft drinks appear, the cards can be redeemed on the next visit. Customers return faster and more often with the instant winners. Instant winners can be custom printed to promote new menu items or increase sales of larger priced items.


A final proof of your card will always be sent for your approval before printing.